Copper Lake Loop and Beaver Mountain Trail is a fantastic 8 kilometer loop. Fantastic because of the riverside walking, many lookouts, pine forest and beautiful Copper Lake. To get there drive south of North Cobalt on highway 567. Continue on the O. P. G. Road for 4 kilometers to the bailey bridge over the Matabitchuan River. Cross the bridge and park on the right near the trail information kiosk. Walk southeast up the hill to the sign marking the O.T. H. Trail. After six kilometers of hiking you will come to a side trail on your right marked with blue paint blazes. Follow the trail to the campsite and continue back to the road you started from. Once at the road turn right and walk down hill back to your vehicle. Some people’s devices measure this route as 9 kilometers. The route is rated difficult due to the steepness of four hills.

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Copper Lake Loop and Beaver Mountain Trail characteristics

Length: 9 km loop
Difficulty: Difficult (Trail classifications)
Trail surface: Natural
Trail use: Hiking
Accessibility Notes: Not wheelchair accessible
Fees: none

Flora & Fauna:

Not yet reported.

Amenities: none

Attractions: lookouts


GPS Coordinates (main trailhead):
Latitude: 47.1239540
Longitude: -79.4940710