Nature Trails near Bala, Ontario

Bala is a Town in the Muskoka Lakes Township.

Muskoka Lakes Township is situated at the southern tip of the Canadian Shield. The craggy cliffs that rise above lakes and roadways date back to the days when life first began on this planet. About two million years ago, this section of the Shield was covered by a series of glaciers, which left behind the numerous lakes that define the municipality today.

The Township of Muskoka Lakes encompasses a large geographic area around Lakes Muskoka, Rosseau and Joseph. Within the 781.6 sq kilometres lie 80 lakes. The natural beauty of the shorelines and the abundance of wildlife make Muskoka Lakes a pre-eminent tourism destination.

Whether you prefer small communities, rural areas, country settings or waterfront properties, Muskoka Lakes has it all. The municipality has encouraged positive growth, while at the same time protecting the historic significance, character and natural beauty of the area.

Some of Ontario's best hiking trails and nature trails are near Bala.

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Bala Heritage Walk

The Bala Heritage Walk is a self guided walk of historic Bala. The Town of Bala consists of three islands interconnected by bridges over beautiful waterfalls. There is a spectacular view of the Moon River and the falls on this walk. These falls, the South Falls, run...

Gibson Lake Trail

Gibson Lake Trail parallels the South Gibson Lake road from Highway 400 to the small parking area just east of Hungry Bay Rd. The trail is an easy 10 km hike that passes wetland habitat and through mixed forest cover. You can return to your vehicle by the same route...

Gibson River Wilderness Trail

The Gibson River Wilderness Trail is within Gibson River Provincial Park just east of Highway 400 and Georgian Bay. The trail winds along the Gibson River and into the forest and is a good spot to see some of the natural animals in the area such as moose, deer, and...


THE CRANBERRY TRAILS The Cranberry Trails are privately owned and operated. Johnston’s Cranberry Marsh maintains a year-round trail system with over 10 km of trails that vary in length from 1 km to 7.5 km and in difficulty from easy to advanced. The property has...