The rocky and sometimes steep Tramore Cliffs Rd, trail starts from the intersection of Tramore and Kilby Roads. The trail is not obvious and begins behind the green Kilby Road sign. Beaudrys Creek, which starts behind Camboose Mountain and spills down to Kilby Road, forms tiny chutes and waterfalls and runs along a short section of the trail.

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Tramore Cliffs Rd Trail characteristics

Length: 2 km linear trail
Difficulty: Difficult (Trail classifications)
Trail surface: Natural and Rock
Trail use: Hiking
Accessibility Notes: Not wheelchair accessible.
Fees: None

Flora & Fauna:

Some plants of interest along this section including Smaller Purple-fringed Orchids (before mid July), Blue Skullcap and Fragrant Bedstraw.

(Juniperus virginiana) grows along the face of the escarpment, rare this far north in Ontario. Prairie Warbler, which finds this habitat suitable, can sometimes be heard in the Red Oaks and Red Cedar along the cliff face. Due to the updraft created by the steep slope, raptors, Common Ravens and Turkey Vultures are often seen circling above the escarpment and sometimes soar by at eye level when you are enjoying the view from on top.

Some plants found in the middle to upper slope are: Fragrant Sumac, Wood Lily, Early Saxifrage, New Jersey Tea, Rusty Woodsia and Mackay’s Fragile Fern. The Deacon Escarpment is full of surprises for everyone.

Amenities: None

Attractions: Panoramic View, waterfalls

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Find it: East side of Tramore Rd, 1.2 km north of Highway 60, at intersection of Kilby Rd.

GPS Coordinates (main trailhead):
Latitude: 45.6199120
Longitude: -77.3901000