Nature Trails near Tillsonburg, Ontario

The essence of Tillsonburg can be captured in three words--connected, enriched and inspired.

strong sense of community among residents
strong history of community engagement and collaboration
ability to network naturally due to size of the community
fibre optic infrastructure in industrial areas
strategic location with good access to markets and transportation
variety and quality of recreation and leisure programs, services and facilities
many opportunities to be meaningfully involved in the community (i.e. organizations, clubs, causes)
abundance of parks, green spaces and trails
hospital, health and wellness services
family-friendly lifestyle without the stresses found in larger centre
arts and cultural amenities
rural and urban influences combine for a sustainable, comfortable pace
enterprising history
entrepreneurial spirit and rural work ethic evident
proven leadership in agri-business and related ventures
track record of made-in-Tillsonburg solutions and grassroots initiatives

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Arthur Langford Nature Reserve

The Arthur Langford Nature Reserve is one of many hidden treasures in the Long Point Basin. This vitally-important natural area is home to a wide array of wildlife, including a number of species at risk, such as American Chestnut, Butternut, Black Gum, and Jefferson...


Borden Crescent Trail – At the south end of Participark the trail goes up on to Baldwin St. and goes a short distance, west on Baldwin St.. The trail continues south off Baldwin St. to Border Cres. and John Pound Rd. It then follows the south side of John Pound...


The Hawkins Tract is situated in South-West Oxford at the headwaters of Catfish Creek. The tract consists of nearly one hundred acres of Carolinian Forest, penetrated by an access road where hikers can spend a few quiet hours. Vehicles of any description are...


Kinsmen Participark: – This 1.2 kilometer linear limestone trail passes from north to south along Stony Creek. In the spring you can see fish spawning and experience flora and fauna in this valley setting. This is a great trail walk on windy days as the area is...
The Carroll Trail

The Carroll Trail

The Carroll Trail Full of beautiful vistas and bridges to cross, there is an opportunity to see wildlife as well as some significant Carolinian trees; even a major railroad trestle from the 1880s along this trail.  Loved by locals, it’s a great place to go enjoy...


Enjoy a serene walk from the north end of Tillsonburg over the Hawkins Bridge at Lake Lisgar. Stop for a break and enjoy the fountain and the gazebo overlooking the lake. Mc Laughlin Way creates a connection between the Hawkins Bridge at Lake Lisgar heading north to...