Nature Trails near Port Maitland, Ontario

Welcome to Port Maitland!

Port Maitland is hidden little gem worth a visit. The village is just south of Dunnville with history going back to the first settlers in the area. It was once a thriving commercial fishing village. The population of Port Maitland is approximately 100 people.
Port Maitland, Ontario is located on the North shore of Lake Erie, at the mouth of the Grand River. At one time a canal connected the Welland Canal to the Grand River.

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The main Grand Valley Trail is a marked footpath stretching about 275 km between Port Maitland (42.866035,-79.565699) [near Rock Point Provincial Park] on Lake Erie, south of Dunnville to the town of Alton (43.860379,-80.068796), near Orangeville. A hiker can identify...