Nature Trails near Point Clark, Ontario

Point Clark is located in the amalgamated community of The Township of Huron-Kinloss.

The Township of Huron-Kinloss is blessed with its scenic setting on the east shore of Lake Huron featuring beautiful sunsets and sandy beaches.

Point Clark is a pretty residential community tucked into the shoreline. A quiet, sandy beach is adjacent to the lighthouse tower, perfect for a relaxing day by the water. Lighthouse Park is equipped with playground equipment and washrooms. Point Clark also has a small harbour and boat launch ramp. Four nature trails -the Point Clark Greenway Project- are accessible at various points throughout Point Clark. Cross country skiing during the winter months is a popular activity.

In 1850, this area was known simply as "The Point". The name was changed to "Pine Point" because a lantern was hung from a pine tree to warn sailors of the offshore shoal in pre-lighthouse days. When, during the 1870s, settlers arrived from Clark Township, Durham County, they renamed their new-found home, Point Clark.

Point Clark is best known for its imperial lighthouse tower which warns sailors of the dangers of the reefs about 2 miles off the Lake Huron shoreline. The lantern was first lit on April 1, 1859 and there are 114 narrow steps up to the red-domed lantern room. It was the first Ontario lighthouse to be designated as a National Historic Site by Parks Canada in 1967. Tours of the lighthouse and museum (located in the former keeper's quarters) are available from mid-June to Labour Day.

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This system offers 4 trails. The Deer Run Nature Trail, Attawondaron Nature Trail, Clark Creek Floodplain and the Tuscarora Road Nature Trail are a multi-use, all-season trail system.  Please respect the unique physical features, recovery of colonized grass species...