Nature Trails near Grand Valley, Ontario

While winding your way into the town of Grand Valley, view the tapestry of fields, tall trees and bending cedars, wild flowers along the slopes and the ever-present Grand River at your side. See the Grand River flowing through the town and under the 9 bridges on its 275 kilometre journey to Lake Erie. Fly fishermen have snapped their lines upon its waters, and families enjoy swimming, canoeing and kayaking. Follow the road’s curve on to the Main Street of town and enter a streetscape that has changed little in over 100 years. The scene might well be another of Stephen Leacock’s sunshine sketches of a small town – just as this brochure is but a snapshot of our community.

The people of Grand Valley are the foundation and strength of a community blessed with natural beauty and history. Residents are involved in the organizations, clubs and societies encompassing nature, sports, leisure, agriculture, history, horticulture, business, and the arts. The spirit and work of the people make up the town’s very fabric and culture.

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The Luther Marsh Wildlife Management Area is a biological treasure in the headwaters area of the Grand River watershed. The 5,900-hectare property centres on the 1,400-hectare Luther Lake, created by Luther Dam, built in 1954. Surrounding it are wetlands, fields and...


The Upper Grand Trailway is a beautiful 4 season nature trail that is 10.5 km in length.  The old abandoned CPR line has been lovingly resurfaced to provide hikers, cyclists, cross country skiers and horseback riders access to the wonders of the countryside. The Trail...