Nature Trails near Dundalk, Ontario

Dundalk is located in the amalgamated community of the Town of Southgate.

The Township of Southgate is a local municipality in the southern part of Grey County. It is a rural township with 2 small villages of Dundalk and Holstein and several small rural hamlets. The Township is a result of the amalgamation of the Village of Dundalk and the Townships of Egremont and Proton in 2000. The Township is 644 hectares (249 sq. miles) in size and has a population of 7,190.
The Township is the southern gateway to Grey County and that is where the municipalities name comes from “Southgate”.

Southgate enjoys a rich agricultural heritage and a growing entrepreneurial future. A broad range of businesses provide a wide variety of services and employment opportunities and we welcome new residents, businesses, and investors who share our vision for a happy, healthy community.
Residents and visitors enjoy year round sports, recreation, festivals, and fun for all ages. Whether you appreciate a good old fashioned rodeo, a lively hockey game or home made goods and farm fresh produce, our charming communities have it all. Watch our updated calendar of events for information for everyone from car to butter tart enthusiasts or to learn more about making our wonderful community your new home or place of business.

Some of Ontario's best hiking trails and nature trails are near Dundalk.

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