Nature Trails near Combermere, Ontario

Welcome to Combermere!

Barry's Bay is a community in the Township of Madawaska.

Barry's Bay, Combermere, Wilno - each of our three population centres is a unique community with recreation facilities, schools, festivities and churches that form the basis of community life. Residents enjoy the comfort of small-town living along with the security of excellent health and education services. It’s time you visited the Madawaska Valley to see if you, too, will stay for a lifetime.
Summertime relaxation demands water. With dozens of rivers and lakes, Madawaska Valley is the place to be. Whether you paddle, sail, motor or fish, from Combermere you can explore over 60 kms of navigable waterways on the York and Madawaska Rivers, Kamaniskeg Lake, and Conroy’s Marsh. Our Madawaska River is world-renowned for whitewater canoeing. Those who prefer sun and sand will enjoy the many public beaches. Moreover, our waterways are the best places to encounter wildlife – whether you watch birds, catch fish, or howl at wolves.
Madawaska Valley offers everything necessary for outdoor fun – sparkling lakes and rivers, majestic hills and forests, finned, feathered and furred wildlife.
Our wilderness comes in all flavours. Those who prefer to explore in comfort can stick to bush lined roadways, while the more adventurous use bikes, boats, or feet to investigate marked trails or trackless bush.
The many miles of abandoned rail bed offer easy biking and strolling, as well as motorized travel in all seasons. From the 175 kms of groomed snowmobile trails that run through our township, you can access the over 4000 kms in the provincial trail system for winter adventure beyond your wildest imagination.

Some of Ontario's best hiking trails and nature trails are near Combermere.

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Griffith Uplands Trail

The Griffith Uplands Trail is a physically challenging 10 km hiking/snowshoeing loop encompassing four mountains in the Madawaska Highlands – Lake, Buck, Spring and Godin. This rewarding wilderness route traverses a rugged Area of Natural and Scientific Interest...

Jewellville Trail

Jewellville Trail is a 14 km circular walk in the Madawaska Highlands, that passes through the hamlet of Rosenthal, home to German immigrant pioneers. Today, the names on the post boxes are a reminder of that heritage. The abundance of sugar maples makes this walk of...

Rose Hill Nature Reserve

Rose Hill Nature Reserve is mostly forested with four small ponds, wetlands and several creeks. It is at a high elevation for southern Ontario and is dominated by several long, steep ridges with rock outcrops and glacial erratics common on the domed hills and slopes....

Thomas P. Murray Recreational Trails

Thomas P. Murray Recreational Trails This system of 6 hiking paths winds its way through the Radcliffe hills, enjoying several scenic vistas, ponds, swamps and rock outcroppings. Trails have varied skill levels, so be aware of the changing conditions. Begin your...