The Trout Hollow Trail meanders along the Bighead River valley, westward from Meaford, roaming shady woodlands and rolling meadows.

Trout Hollow Trailhead

Trout Hollow Traihead

Trout Hollow Trail is a 14km walking trail on mostly private property on both sides of the Bighead River from the Bakeshop Bridge/Beautiful Joe Park in Meaford to the Riverside Centre on the 7th Line. The trail winds through historical and natural points of interest including remains of an old sawmill, gristmill and power dam serving early settlers. You will walk in the hollow where the famous naturalist John Muir lived in the 1860’s.

You’ll see the river-ravished remains of a century old hydro dam and the powerhouse remains lost in the woods.

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TROUT HOLLOW TRAIL characteristics

Length: 14km loop or in & out
Difficulty: Moderate (Trail classifications)
Trail surface: Compacted soil/hard packed
Trail use: Hiking and Snowshoeing
Accessibility Notes: Accessibility not known.
Fees: none

Flora & Fauna:

When the season is right, salmon and trout fill the river and deer are very evident in the woods accompanied by wild turkeys.

Amenities: None reported.

Attractions: none


GPS Coordinates (main trailhead):
Latitude: 44.6031480
Longitude: -80.5962230