Stone Road Alvar Nature Reserve

A truly outstanding array of rare habitats and species is packed into Stone Road Alvar, a 42-hectare property of oak-hickory woodland, oak savannah, red cedar savannah, old-field thicket and open alvar communities. The reserve is home to 44 provincially rare and 33 regionally rare plant species. Alvars have their own unique flora adapted to the extreme heat, variations in moisture and rocky calcareous soil.
The scattered oaks are predominantly chinquapins which, despite their stunted appearance, are often more than 100 years old. Of special note is the local abundance of downy wood mint, a plant whose Canadian range is restricted to Pelee Island. The reserve has two other plant species that occur nowhere else in Canada: navel-shape cornsalad and yellow horse-gentian.

Directions: Stone Road Alvar Nature Reserve is located on Pelee Island which can be reached by ferry from Leamington or Kingsville from late March to early December. Book ahead if you plan to take your vehicle across.
On the island, take the Shore Road south to East-West Road. Follow this road east for four km until you come to a densely wooded area on the south side of the road. Turn south onto Stone Road and continue just past the old schoolhouse on the right side. Here there is a narrow opening in the thickets, where a path has been established. To help protect the rare, fragile species that are present, please walk on the gravel nature trail only.

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Stone Road Alvar Nature Reserve characteristics

Length: trail length not known
Difficulty: Moderate (Trail classifications)
Trail surface: Gravel
Trail use: Hiking
Accessibility Notes: Not wheelchair accessible
Fees: none

Flora & Fauna:

Most of the open area is characterized by scattered shrubs and limestone outcrops. Here, visitors may find small elusive plants such as smaller skullcap, false pennyroyal and narrow-leaved vervain. From late July to early September, all of the open areas are ablaze with the yellow of coneflowers, purple of nodding wild onions and white clusters of the whorled milkweed.

Amenities: none

Attractions: alvar

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Latitude: 41.7588280
Longitude: -82.6333670