Knoll Trail – Distance – 0.3 km

From the Pedestrian Waterfront Trail, visitors can enter a 0.3km boardwalk loop called the Knoll Trail.  The Knoll is home to some of the most sensitive and unique plant species in the conservation area and it is a great location for visitors to view the marsh and the birds and wildlife that live here.  

Meadow Wood Trail – Distance – 0.9 km

Visitors can access Meadow Wood Trail from either the Pedestrian Waterfront Trail or the Meadow Wood Road entrance on the north-western edge of the property.  From the Meadow Wood entrance visitors will hike east through mature forest communities dominated by sugar maple, beech and oak trees.  As visitors continue east the forest composition changes to one dominated by hemlock and pine. As the trail takes visitors past Sheridan Creek they will notice floodplain features and a green ash swamp. 

Meadow Trail – Distance – 0.6km

Visitors may enter Meadow Trail from either Meadow Wood Trail or the Pedestrian Waterfront Trail.  Travelling from the centre of the property north, visitors will hike across varying landscapes with a gentle change in topography.  From the Pedestrian Waterfront Trail towards the Meadow Wood Trail visitors will travel along a boardwalk through a young swamp and into a forest dominated by ash, maple, poplar and willow trees.

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Length: .3km, .9 km and .6 km.
Difficulty: Easy (Trail classifications)
Trail surface: Natural and Paved
Trail use: Hiking
Accessibility Notes: Wheelchair accessible
Fees: None Reported

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Not yet reported

Amenities: None reported

Credit Valley Conservation 1255 Old Derry Road Mississauga, ON 905-670-1615 1-800-668-5557

Find it: 594 Old Poplar Row, Mississauga, ON

GPS Coordinates (main trailhead):
Latitude: 43.5142500
Longitude: -79.6070230