Campers at the Dawson Trail Campground can explore 35 km of hiking trails, ranging from barrier-free to moderate difficulty.

The Teaching Trail 3.2 km, 2 hours, strenuous

Rough topography and steep slopes are features of this trail as it weaves its way through a variety of forest habitat. The rich diversity of plant life reflects subtle differences in sunlight, soil, temperature, moisture and topography under the forest canopy. The trail winds through a beaver meadow and along the east shore of French Lake. This linear trail can be walked in sections and connects the Day-Use area with Chippewa and Ojibwa Campgrounds (Caution: terrain is slippery when wet.)

French Falls Trail 2.4 km, 1hour, strenuous
This trail is not long but has some steep climbs as it leads you to the cascades of the French River. This is a picturesque, photogenic trail.

French Portage Trail 5 km, 2 hours, strenuous
This hike into the past traces a portage first established by First Nations and later used by European explorers and fur traders. It was, for a short time, the main route for settlement in the Red River area of Manitoba and for further exploration west. French Portage is still part of a canoe route that connects Windigoostigwan and French Lake. The low-lying terrain is sometimes difficult.

Pickerel Point Trail 1.6 km, return, 30 minutes, moderate
Sometimes difficult and steep, this trail follows the Pickerel River and offers a view of French Lake. This trail is designated as a pet exercise play area.

Pickerel River Trail 0.8 km, 30 minutes, barrier-free
The Sheila Hainey Boardwalk along the Pickerel River dips to lowlands along the river’s edge through alder, Balsam Fir and spruce then slowly rises to highlands of pine, birch and poplar. It links the Quetico Information Pavilion at Dawson Trail to the French Lake Day-Use area.

Pines Hiking Trail 10 km return, 3.5 hour, moderate
An extension of the Whiskey Jack Trail, Pines Trail takes in a sandy beach guarded by a stand of majestic old-growth Red and White Pine. Enjoy the solitude of the walk, picnic on the beaches of Pickerel Lake, or venture into the interior. The trail includes moderate to steep climbs.

Whiskey Jack Trail 2.5 km, 1 hour, moderate
This gateway to Quetico’s wilderness begins on a boardwalk that winds through forest-covered lowland thick with mosses, Labrador Tea, horsetail, twinflower, bunchberry, pyrola, Black Spruce and tamarack. The boardwalk gives way to a foot path that meanders through a mosaic of forest habitats. (Caution: terrain is slippery when wet.)

Baptism Creek Trail 1.1 km, 0.5 hours, moderate
This trail links the Whiskey Jack and Camp 111 trails. The hilly terrain goes through a mature Jack Pine stand and finishes at a clearing along the banks of Baptism Creek.

Camp 111 Trail 4.4 km, 2hours, moderate
The Camp 111 trail is the remnants of an old logging road that runs adjacent to the French River. The route travels through a variety of forest types and completes the Dawson Trail System circuit by connecting to the French Falls Trail.

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Length: 9 trails from .8 km to 10 km.
Difficulty: Difficult (Trail classifications)
Trail surface: Boardwalks and Natural
Trail use: Hiking
Accessibility Notes: None
Fees: Park entrance fees

Flora & Fauna:

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Amenities: picnic areas, washrooms

Attractions: Boardwalk, Lookout

Phone: 807-597-2735

Find it: Highway 11 east of Atikokan

GPS Coordinates (main trailhead):
Latitude: 48.6750000
Longitude: -91.1258000