Start this loop by heading south along the blue-blazed Purple Valley access trail for .5 km.  Here it meets the main Bruce Trail. Turn left on the white blazed main trail and follow this main trail for 2.3 km.

SHORT LOOP: At this point it meets with the Bob Light side trail.  If you wish to shorten the loop turn left onto the side trail. It will shortly (about .5 km) come to an intersection with the Malcolm Bluff Side Trail.  Turn left and follow the side trail back to your car.

LONG LOOP: Instead of turning left onto the Bob Light Side trail stay on the white blazed main trail for another 2.5 km where you will meet up with the north end of the Bob Light Side Trail. Turn left and follow the blue-blazed Bob Light Side trail for about 1.5 km until it reaches an intersection with the Malcolm Bluff Side Trail. Turn right onto the Malcom Bluff Side Trail and follow it to the Wright’s Cr road. Turn left and follow the road back to where you parked your car.

On the main trail portion you will pass look outs over White Cloud, Griffith, and Hay Islands in Colpoy’s Bay. Just before reaching the turn onto the Malcolm Bluff side trail you will pass over an alvar (dolostone pavement with little soil).

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Length: 9.9 km.
Difficulty: Moderate (Trail classifications)
Trail surface: Natural and Rock
Trail use: Hiking and Snowshoeing
Accessibility Notes: Not wheelchair accessible
Fees: None

Flora & Fauna:

not yet reported

Amenities: None reported

Attractions: Look outs, alvar.

Peninsula Bruce Trail Club

Find it: Take County Rd 9 off of Highway 6, north of Wiarton. Then turn right onto County Rd 8. Follow this road until it becomes Wright Cr. Park where Wright Cr turns north.

GPS Coordinates (main trailhead):
Latitude: 44.8363770
Longitude: -81.0543090