This 141 hectare forest is owned by Saugeen Conservation and is a very popular spot year-round.  There is a 4.6 km trail system present on the property.  This property is part of the Singhampton Morain.  The area is characterized by irregular, stoney knobs and ridges of glacial till, kame deposits and kettle shaped wetlands interspersed with small, relatively level deposits of sand, soil and organic materials in the valley and basin floors.

Kinghurst Trail Entrance Sign

Kinghurst Trail Entrance

Many springs, cool streams, swampy areas, and small ponds add to the natural beauty of this rolling landscape.

The 4.6 km trail is popular to a wide range of users.  This property is also adjacent to Ontario Nature’s Krug Forest, one of the few remaining old-growth forests in the area.  While you’re visiting this property, take in the Krug Forest next door!  They’re both a treat to visit.

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KINGHURST TRAILS characteristics

Length: 4.6 km
Difficulty: Moderate (Trail classifications)
Trail surface: Compacted soil/hard packed
Trail use: Hiking, Cross-country skiing, and Snowshoeing
Accessibility Notes: Accessibility not known.
Fees: No fees.

Flora & Fauna:

Not reported yet.

Amenities: None reported.


Find it: 175195 Concession 6, Durham, ON

GPS Coordinates (main trailhead):
Latitude: 44.3212600
Longitude: -80.9386300


Photo credits:

Don Knight