You are invited to visit the Depot Creek Nature Reserve. Located at 6329 First Lake Road, in Bellrock, this 29-hectare (71-acre) property offers visitors a chance to explore a variety of habitats — wetlands, woodlands, and open spaces — on marked trails that can be covered in a morning or afternoon outing.

Please respect the rich diversity of the Nature Reserve should you decide to visit. This means staying on the trails and being a gentle observer of nature. For your convenience, there is a privy near the Elephant Rock. From May to November, there may be cattle in the meadow. Take care walking through this area and make sure you close the gates.

Double check! Dogs are not allowed on any part of the property.

2oldguyswalking website offers a great review of this site with images & map. Go here to read this review.

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Depot Creek Nature Reserve characteristics

Length: 3 km
Difficulty: Moderate (Trail classifications)
Trail surface: Natural
Trail use: Hiking
Accessibility Notes: Not wheelchair accessible.
Fees: None

Flora & Fauna:

Classification Species Total different species Vertebrates:

7 mammals, including Chipmunk, Mink, White-tailed Deer 70 birds, including Meadowlark, American Bittern, Ruffed Grouse 10 reptiles & amphibians, including Blanding’s Turtle, Five-lined Skink, Bullfrog, 12 fish, including Rock Bass, Northern Pike 99

Invertebrates: 31 dragonflies & damselflies, including Powdered Dancer, Sedge Sprite 23 butterflies, including White Admiral, Least Skipper 64 moths, including Luna Moth, Milkweed Tussock Moth 109 other species including: non- insect invertebrates such as 6-spotted Jumping Spider, Millipede, Fresh-water Clam, Leech 227

Vascular plants: 19 deciduous and evergreen trees 45 shrubs including various dogwoods and honeysuckles 17 ferns & allies, including Rattlesnake Fern 309 other species including grasses, sedges, and herbaceous flowering plants 345

Spore bearing species: Fungi Non-vascular plants including mosses and lichens 20

Total # different species 691

Amenities: None

Attractions: None

Land Conservancy of Kingston, Frontenac, Lennox and Addington 613.549.1707

Find it: Located at 6329 First Lake Road, in Bellrock, ON

GPS Coordinates (main trailhead):
Latitude: 44.4908700
Longitude: -76.7495420

Photo credits:

Don Knight