Butternut Trail

The paths are all paved, with the exception of the section around the pond. For a longer route, there are connections to the south to the South Balsam Trail (see map), and to the north to the Quaker Trail. The route takes you through the residential areas, including the original farm homestead, which is now integrated into the development, and the magnificent Butternut tree that gives the development its name.

Until recently, this area had been farmland from the days of its earliest settlement. Dr. Allan Beswick is listed as the first owner of the land (1805). The old homestead (see map) dates back to 1859. As with many of the oldest houses in Uxbridge, members of the founding Gould family lived there. The old barn was built in 1896 by Isaac Gould. The house was originally just what is now the back section, and was built of stacked hemlock timbers. The front section was a house moved from around the Anglican Church in the 1890’s. More recently, the Forsythe family farmed the land from 1913 to 1968. Carol and Wain Trotter acquired the house and surrounding acreage in 1982, and raised sheep there until 2004, when the present development was started. The ancient butternut tree that gives its name to the community still stands beside the farm house.

The Butternut Trail has been generously sponsored by Alliance Homes Inc. and Butternut Manor Uxbridge Inc.

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Butternut Trail characteristics

Length: 1.5 km loop.
Difficulty: Easy (Trail classifications)
Trail surface: Paved
Trail use: Hiking and Cycling
Wheelchair accessible
Fees: None

Flora & Fauna:

There is a magnificent butternut tree, after which the residential development is named.

Amenities: None

Attractions: None

Township of Uxbridge 905.852.9181

Find it: 18 Forsythe Dr, Uxbridge, ON

GPS Coordinates (main trailhead):
Latitude: 44.1019470
Longitude: -79.1366900