Frontenac County Nature Trails

Welcome to Frontenac County!

Imagine ... a place that is just a short drive from the incessant drone and never ending pace of the city ... a place where you can take a deep breath, slow your pulse and let the stress melt away, and ... you are imagining the delightful world of The Frontenacs.
Here, you can experience life's simple pleasures by taking the roads less traveled as they meander past breathtaking vistas, pristine freshwater lakes, vast tracts of lush green forests and spectacular rock cut formations. These are the treasures that inspire the growing number of artists and craftspeople that call The Frontenacs their home.
Surrounded by some of the most spectacular, unspoiled landscape in Ontario, the Frontenacs offer visitors an array of unique, year-round travel experiences. Whether your interest is hiking, biking, birding, boating, fishing, hunting, arts & crafts, antiquing, genealogy, cross-country skiing, snowmobiling, or simply getting away from it all, we invite you to Experience the Frontenacs!
We offer access to two of Ontario's premier travel destinations, the world-famous Thousand Islands, and the Land O' Lakes Tourist Region. For guests, this means an incredible range of travel experiences from which to choose.
Perhaps it's the scenic beauty and leisurely pace of life on the Frontenac Islands appeals to you?
Maybe it's the pastoral setting of South Frontenac with rolling farmland, crystal clear lakes and friendly people that has captured your imagination.
Could it be Central Frontenac, where the rugged beauty of the Canadian Shield rises to cradle pristine lakes and rivers?
Or, perhaps it's North Frontenac, where magnificent stretches of uninhabited crown lands frame brilliant blue waterways.

You will find some of the best hiking and nature trails in Ontario right here in Frontenac County.

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Button Bush Trail

Button Bush Trail is in the Big Sandy Bay Management Area, a place so special that you won’t want to share it with anyone else! The extraordinary beauty, the diversity of nature and the breathtaking expanse of the large shallow bay, provide a wonderful escape....
Depot Creek Nature Reserve

Depot Creek Nature Reserve

You are invited to visit the Depot Creek Nature Reserve. Located at 6329 First Lake Road, in Bellrock, this 29-hectare (71-acre) property offers visitors a chance to explore a variety of habitats — wetlands, woodlands, and open spaces — on marked trails that can be...
Depot Lakes Conservation Area

Depot Lakes Conservation Area

Depot Lakes Conservation Area is nestled in the heart of the Land o’ Lakes tourist region, just north of the village of Verona. This Conservation Area is 1,214 hectares (3,000 acres) in size.  Second, Third and Fourth Depot Lakes make up this Conservation Area, and...


FRONTENAC PROVINCIAL PARK TRAILS offers over 100 km of hiking and backpacking trails in interconnected loops. Arab Lake Gorge Trail – 1.5 km loop, 30 min walk, easy Starting at the Park Office, this trail features valley bottom vegetation, various ferns and a...

Gould Lake Conservation Area

Gould Lake Conservation Area is 589 hectares of wilderness located in the Canadian Shield. It is also the head waters of the Millhaven Creek System. Gould Lake and the surrounding lands are not only important for water management reasons, they also provide excellent...

Kennebec Wilderness Trails

Located on a 156-acre tract of public parkland owned by the Township of Central Frontenac, the Kennebec Wilderness Trails offer four seasons of outdoor recreational activity; hiking, birding, snow- shoeing. The trail network consists of over 7 kilometers of hiking...
Lemoine Point Conservation Area

Lemoine Point Conservation Area

Lemoine Point Conservation Area was purchased by the CRCA in 1975 to preserve this significant piece of land for future generations. It is a very popular and heavily-used Conservation Area with more than 2,500 metres of shoreline on Lake Ontario. It is also the last...
Little Cataraqui Creek Conservation Area

Little Cataraqui Creek Conservation Area

Connect with nature at Little Cataraqui Creek Conservation Area  in all seasons. There are areas of marsh, field, and forest habitat for nature appreciation, education and outdoor recreation facilities. The Conservation Area is also headquarters for the Cataraqui...

Meisel Woods Conservation Area

Welcome to Meisel Woods —The Meisel Woods Conservation Area is 130-acres of excellent Precambrian Shield land. It is a forested natural area with plants, animals and landscape typical of the headwaters of the Tay and Upper Rideau watershed. The property surrounds a...