Chatham-Kent Nature Trails

Welcome to Chatham-Kent!

Chatham-Kent is a safe affordable group of 23 cities, towns and villages in the heart of south-western Ontario. Bordered by Lake Erie, Lake St. Clair and the Sydenham River, the area offers a rich quality of life.
This single tier municipality is one of Canada’s best cities in which to do business, with a diverse population, low start-up costs for businesses, and close proximity to the US border and large urban markets.

Community Features:
Safe communities with a rich cultural heritage, active living and one of the most moderate climates in Canada
Three major US border crossings, and three international airports within a one-hour drive
Financial incentives for business owners
Affordable housing
Excellent local schools and two post-secondary institutions
A local hospital and health services for families and seniors
A new YMCA, theatre, recreation centre and convention / exhibition centre
Pastoral countryside, wildlife areas, sport fishing and water sports

You will find some of the best hiking and nature trails in Ontario right here in Chatham-Kent.

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Enjoy the small Carolinian forest and natural wetland area. The trail is easily accessible by wheelchair. We would also direct you to read our DISCLAIMER and our TRAIL USERS CODE. Region(s): Chatham-Kent Nearby towns and cities: Chatham Trail feature tags: Wheel chair...

CASO Trail

The CASO Trail is part of the Municipality of Chatham-Kent trail network. Located along the Old Canadian Southern Rail line, this trail is accessible, flat and three metres wide, making it ideal for users of all ages and skill levels. Phase one of the CASO trail is...


The heavily forested ravines contrast greatly with Southwestern Ontario’s vast cropland. A tine creek passes through some of Ontario’s largest hardwood trees. Early May is unsurpassed for the variety and colours of spring wildflowers, as well as colourful...

Crothers Park Trail

Crothers Park Trail This trail is a family-friendly trail suitable for everyone. Just over 1 km in length it can easily be traveled while pushing a stroller or wheelchair. The most picturesque points provide comfortable seating to birdwatch, rest and simply enjoy the...


The trail offers stunning views of Rondeau Bay and is on a former rail bed. It features a viewing stand over the Bay, which makes a wonderful birdwatching location. We would also direct you to read our DISCLAIMER and our TRAIL USERS CODE. Region(s): Chatham-Kent...

Flook Trail

Flook Trail: This 1700 meter granular trail leads to a 3 hectare Carolinian woodlot planted by Harwich Raleigh Public School students and staff in the early 1970’s. Named for the Flook Family who have maintained the woodlot for over three decades, the trail is the...

Heritage Tree Trail

Heritage Tree Trail: This trail provides an opportunity for a walking tour to view over a dozen different tree species. The trail is close to the downtown core, mainly along Elizabeth and Elgin Streets. The list of trees along the route includes such rarities as...


The Keith McLean Conservation Lands was officially opened on June 27, 2013. This 130 ha property is famous for its Lotus ponds and includes farmland, forests, wetlands, and prairie. It is located just east of Rondeau Provincial Park. A 4 km trail is proposed for the...


The trail is a mowed grass trail which circles through a diverse natural area and around the Roberta Stewart Wetlands, a great place for bird watching. Trails are open for walking and sightseeing. Facilities at MacDonald Park also include a launch ramp, washroom...


McGeachy Pond Conservation Area is a 15 hectare property acquired by the Lower Thames Valley Conservation Authority in 1974. It is a memorial to the late William A. McGeachy. There is an observation platform in the conservation area providing excellent viewing of the...