Nature Trails near Sunderland, Ontario

Sunderland is a community in the Township of Brock in Durham Region.

Nestled along the east shore of Lake Simcoe and the Trent-Severn Waterway, and only a one-hour picturesque drive from Toronto, the Township of Brock offers beautiful rolling countryside, shoreline parks, numerous hamlets, and three distinct villages. With something for everyone, Brock is an excellent community to call home, visit for a quick family vacation, or simply to explore and escape the hustle and bustle. Enjoy four seasons of special events – from museums, golf, ice fishing, fairs and antiques to maple syrup and music festivals.
Situated at the mouth of the Beaver River, Beaverton is the largest urban centre in the Township of Brock with a population of approximately 3,500 permanent residents. Over the summer months Beaverton welcomes a large influx of cottagers and tourists who come to enjoy the small-town charm, numerous events, the harbour and Lake Simcoe, the fourth largest lake entirely within the boundaries of the province of Ontario. In the winter months Beaverton becomes the centre of one of the most active ice fishing locations in North America.
Nestled in the heart of the Township, Cannington is home to approximately 2,000 residents. With numerous restaurants and a variety of specialty and general stores downtown, and connections to the trails that link our communities, Cannington offers both residents and visitors alike an enticing getaway from the hustle and bustle.
Sunderland, the southern most village, is surrounded by prime agricultural lands and home to approximately 1,200 residents. With many interesting and

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Brock Township Park

stores, restaurants and galleries, Sunderland is a destination for visitors and guests year around. In addition to the permanent attractions, Sunderland hosts many events including the Sunderland Maple Syrup Festival in the spring and the annual Sunderland Agricultural Fall Fair in early fall.

The trails in Brock are a great way to experience nature and “Breathe It In”.
The Trans-Canada Trail, which runs along the Beaver River and can be accessed from Highway 12, south of Sunderland and North of Brock Road;
The Beaver River Wetlands Trail, which connects to the Trans-Canada Trail and travels north past Sunderland and Cannington, ending just south-west of Woodville;
A small trail branching off Regional Road 12 on the western outskirts of Cannington; and
The Lagoon Reserve Walk which runs from the Harbour in Beaverton, around the fairgrounds and continues south.
Paved walking trails at the fairgrounds in Beaverton and Sunderland.

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