Nature Trails near Sharbot Lake, Ontario

Welcome to Sharbot Lake!

Sharbot Lake is a community in the Township of Central Frontenac.

The Township of Central Frontenac was incorporated on January 1, 1998 and is made up of four (4) former Townships including Kennebec, Olden, Oso and Hinchinbrooke. The Municipal office for these amalgamated Townships is located in Sharbot Lake. Sharbot Lake is located approximately 75 kilometers north of Kingston and 123 kilometers west of Ottawa with most of the village just south of the intersections of Highway 7 and Road 38. Also located in the municipality are the hamlets of Parham, Mountain Grove and Arden. In addition, there are the predominately residential cross road communities of Tichborne, Piccadilly, Godfrey, Henderson, Elm Tree and Crow Lake.

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Kennebec Wilderness Trails

Located on a 156-acre tract of public parkland owned by the Township of Central Frontenac, the Kennebec Wilderness Trails offer four seasons of outdoor recreational activity; hiking, birding, snow- shoeing. The trail network consists of over 7 kilometers of hiking...

North Frontenac Parklands Trails – Crotch Lake Trail

The Crotch Lake Trail is a marked walking trail through the natural wetlands and forests between the southwest shore of Crotch Lake and Big Gull Lake. The trail heads west from the south access road to the lake, then swings north past  the eastern tip of Big Gull Lake...

North Frontenac Parklands Trails – Palmerston Canonto C. A. Trail

The Palmerston Canonto Conservation Area (PCCA) includes 7 hiking trails ranging from 300 meters to one kilometer in length. Community volunteers and the Township of North Frontenac formed a partnership to not only restore these trails but maintain and monitor the...

North Frontenac Parklands Trails – Schooner Trail

North Frontenac Parklands Trails – Schooner Trail Literally miles of old trails, utility right of ways and old logging and Crown access roads wind their way through the forests and between the lakes making North Frontenac Park Lands a hiker’s paradise. Take your...


SHARBOT LAKE PROVINCIAL PARK TRAILS Discovery Trail – 1.2 km loop, 1hour, moderate Follow this trail along the ridge of land that divides Black Lake and Sharbot Lake through stands of maple, oak and birch and see a dramatic change in topography. From the top of...