Nature Trails near Ridgetown, Ontario

Ridgetown is located in the amalgamated community of Chatham-Kent.

Ridgetown is a charming historic town with a population of almost 3,500. It is at the heart of Chatham-Kent’s agricultural sector.

Promoting itself as the “friendliest town in Ontario,” Ridgetown residents enjoy all that small-town life has to offer, including friendly neighbours and a strong sense of community. The town is known for its charming Victorian architecture and stunning rural landscapes, and its natural beauty is enhanced by the many local gardens maintained by residents and members of the town’s Horticultural Society. 

Located in Chatham-Kent’s agricultural heartland, Ridgetown shares a special relationship with the municipality’s farmers, and its residents enjoy sampling seasonal local produce at the popular Ridgetown Farmers Market. The community is also home to the Ridgetown Campus of the University of Guelph. The school offers a variety of post-secondary diploma and certificate programs in agriculture, horticulture, environmental management and veterinary technology. The school is a leader in applied agriculture and environmental research, and benefits from several partnerships with innovative agricultural technology research groups.

Ridgetown residents have plenty of opportunities to participate in leisure activities. Culture lovers can enjoy the exhibits and events at the Ridge House Museum, or attend a variety of entertainment events at the Mary Webb Centre in nearby Highgate. The summer festival season includes the Boothill Country Jamboree in Muirkirk and the Festival of Porches and Verandahs. For outdoor recreation, Ridgetown residents head to Rondeau Provincial Park for bird-watching, hiking and camping. Families with young children enjoy regular visits Greenview Aviaries & Zoo, where they have opportunities to meet a variety of exotic animals.

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