Nature Trails near Port Carling, Ontario

Port Carling is a Village in Muskoka Lakes Township.

Muskoka Lakes Township is situated at the southern tip of the Canadian Shield. The craggy cliffs that rise above lakes and roadways date back to the days when life first began on this planet. About two million years ago, this section of the Shield was covered by a series of glaciers, which left behind the numerous lakes that define the municipality today.

The Township of Muskoka Lakes encompasses a large geographic area around Lakes Muskoka, Rosseau and Joseph. Within the 781.6 sq kilometres lie 80 lakes. The natural beauty of the shorelines and the abundance of wildlife make Muskoka Lakes a pre-eminent tourism destination.

Whether you prefer small communities, rural areas, country settings or waterfront properties, Muskoka Lakes has it all. The municipality has encouraged positive growth, while at the same time protecting the historic significance, character and natural beauty of the area.

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H. N. Crossley Nature Reserve

H. N. Crossley Nature Reserve Bruce Pond is a typical “eyed” bog, characterized by a moat-like zone of water around the outer edge; tree and shrub zones; an open sphagnum mat with pitcher plants, sundews and orchids; and open water in the middle. The setting for this...


HAZELWOOD TRAIL The trail includes some moderate to steep climbs through a mature hardwood forest and passes between spectacular granite bluffs. Towards the end of the route the trail runs beside a large beaver pond, well known for its bird life. Link to trail map: ...


HUCKLEBERRY ROCK LOOKOUT TRAIL Huckleberry Rock has been well known locally for many years as a magnificent scenic lookout. The trail surrounds a bowl-shaped area that holds water and has allowed a bog to develop that supports a black spruced ecosystem. Link to trail...

Port Carling Mural Walk

Water surrounds you on the Port Carling Mural Walk through the picturesque town of Port Carling situated on the “hub” of lakes Rosseau and Muskoka. This urban route  offers many creative ways to enjoy a walk. Start with a swim at the beach in Hanna Park,...