Nature Trails near Marmora, Ontario

Welcome to Marmora! Marmora is a community in the Municipality of Marmora and Lake.

The Municipality of Marmora and Lake is a beautiful little municipality, part of Hastings County and located in central southern Ontario. It is equidistant from Ottawa and Toronto and the main village is located along Hwy 7, a major transportation route for trucks and vehicles traveling to and through those destinations. The largest village, Marmora, is surrounded by water from Crowe River, Crowe Lake and Beaver Creek.

Marmora and Lake will continue to be a small thriving Municipality in Ontario; a desirable place to work, live, vacation, and retire; by providing a clean natural environment, varied sources of recreation, excellent services and reasonable taxes.
The village of Marmora was the first mining town in Upper Canada. Settled in 1820,  iron ore, gold, copper and silver were all mined in this and surrounding areas. The open-pit mine, a relic from the mining past, is located just East of the village and is 75 acres in size and 635 feet deep. There was also a large timber and logging industry which added to the economic well being of the town.

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Brian Goodchild Memorial Trail

Brian Goodchild Memorial Trail runs from Memorial Park at 9 Matthew Street to the public boat launch at Mag’s Landing just north of the dam. Link to trail map:...
Callaghan’s Rapids Conservation Area

Callaghan’s Rapids Conservation Area

Callaghan’s Rapids Conservation Area features two waterfalls which are about one metre in height which both span the entire width of the Crowe river, which is about forty to sixty metres across. When river flows are low enough, you can walk out and explore the...

Crowe Bridge Park

The Municipality of Trent Hills began operating and maintaining Crowe Bridge Park (also known as Crowe Bridge Conservation Area) in 2010.  This 26 acre outdoor recreation paradise is located on the Crowe River just north of the town of Campbellford. From 1965 to...

Hastings Heritage Trail

The Hastings Heritage Trail is a four-season, multi-use recreational trail that follows an old railway line linking Hastings County. The Trail is open year-round and boasts a number of parking lots and access points along the route. The Northern terminus of the trail...

Nayler’s Common Wetland & Trails

Nayler’s Common Wetland & TrailsOwned by the municipality. Overseen by a municipal committee, Nayler’s Common is a hidden ecosystem great for bird watching and short hikes. There is a short trail of about 100 ft. to the marsh area. There is a short...