Nature Trails near Madoc, Ontario

Madoc is a community in the Municipality of Centre Hastings!

The Community with the Big Heart, The Municipality of Centre Hastings.
Nestled in the heart of Hastings County lies the unique community of Centre Hastings with a population of 4,774 residents spread out over 222 sq. km. In 1998 the Urban (Madoc Village) and the Rural (Huntingdon Township) amalgamated to form the Municipality of Centre Hastings.
Boasting a rural, urban and recreation setting the municipality offers many features for residents and visitors. Among the inviting amenities is the Centre Hastings Park, that is home to the widely known Skate Park. In addition there are many other recreational features throughout the Municipality from South to North.
Many family farms still exist in the rural setting of the Municipality along with modernized farming. The various farming elements consist of dairy, beef, sheep, pigs along with hobby farms.
Centre Hastings is the home of Moira Lake that is a popular spot to local and foreign visitors for Muskie, Bass and Pickerel fishing. The park and boat launch is undergoing major upgrades by the local Kiwanis club, High School and volunteers.
In a small urban setting the village offers a variety of shops and services. One of the major services provided is the Tri Area Medical Centre.

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