Nature Trails near Kagawong, Ontario

Welcome to Kagawong

Take a step back in time and enjoy a leisurely walking tour of the picturesque hamlet of Kagawong. Tucked away from the outside world between the cliffs surrounding Mudge Bay, time has virtually stood still for decades.

The historic village of Kagawong is one of Manitoulin’s most picturesque – in fact it does have good reason to declare itself “Ontario’s Prettiest Village”, as the town sign suggests. Part of Kagawong’s appeal lies in its geography. The village is built into a valley with its downtown sitting adjacent to the waters of Mudge Bay. The North Channel lies in the distance. The trail and flower-lined Kagawong River flows into the bay from spectacular Bridal Veil Falls. It is from this stroke of nature that the village takes its name, Kagawong, meaning in Ojibwe “where the mists rise from the falling waters”. All this natural beauty may be thought reason enough for the town’s existence, but it was as a fishing and timber centre that it was first established. The falling and flowing waters of the Kagawong River, now appreciated for aesthetics, were once harnessed to drive the machinery of the Kagawong Mill. The mill, built in 1925, produced paper for a U.S. firm before being converted in 1932 to generate hydro-electricity until its closure in 1949.
Besides the natural beauty of Kagawong, visitors will enjoy the sense of community to be found here. A pavilion and cedar maze lie next to the sand beach and a number of unique shops line the village’s main street.

There cannot be a more beautiful place to moor your boat than Kagawong Marina, who will supply all the boaters' needs with a smile. Or just call in for a delicious Farquhar Ice Cream. An unforgettable experience.

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This trail is located on Hwy. 540 at the entrance to Kagawong. A picnic area is at the top of the falls, with a path that leads down to the base of the falls. There is a trail on both sides of the river valley. Bring your bathing suit, and take a dip in the pool at...