Nature Trails near Fort Frances, Ontario

Fort Frances

We are a border town; we are at the beginning of everything. We have always been the industrial capital of Northwest Ontario, and we will strengthen that role. We always were more than a mill town and we will be so much more than a mining town – aided by the lowest cost power and the most affordable industrial land in Ontario. We are the diversified industrial heartbeat of forestry, mining, agriculture, and tourism.

We live in a time of revived spirit of entrepreneurialism. We are hands on….we make things forged from the land, and from determination of spirit. We are Do It Yourself. We are also more…. We are the Great Canadian Experience. When nature calls, we answer – inspired by blue lakes, rocky shores and the outdoors in all four seasons. We are resilient, tough and proud. We are Fort Frances Strong. We are BOUNDLESS

Some of Ontario's best hiking trails and nature trails are near Fort Frances.

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The Cranberry Peatlands Interpretive Trail is located at the west end of Whitmore Road in Alberton, about 12 km west of Fort Frances. While the boardwalk is currently only partly complete, this little gem of a trail provides a unique natural experience and educational...