Nature Trails near Eugenia, Ontario

Eugenia is located in the amalgamated community of The Municipality of Grey Highlands.

The Municipality of Grey Highlands is situated in one of the most beautiful parts of Grey County. Made up of the former Townships of Artemesia, Euphrasia, Osprey and the Villages of Markdale and Flesherton. We proudly boast the natural beauty of waterfalls, the Bruce Trail, the Osprey Bluffs and the Saugeen and Beaver Rivers and encompass the "heart of the Beaver Valley" truly making Grey Highlands the place for all seasons.

The Municipality of Grey Highlands was formed in January 2001 from the village of Markdale and three townships – Artemesia (including the village of Flesherton), Euphrasia and Osprey.  This large municipality is in the heart of Grey, straddling the Beaver Valley. It encompasses many important inland rivers running through rich farmland as well as a variety of vacation property areas from those with a fantastic valley view to waterfront cottages on Lake Eugenia. Built on a pioneering heritage, Grey Highlands offers year-round recreation from hiking the Bruce Trail and paddling the Beaver River to skiing and snowmobiling our many winter trails.

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The tallest waterfall in the area falls from the edge of the Niagara Escarpment 30 metres to the bottom of the coo-coo valley.  This was discovered in 1852 where Eugenia Falls was the scene of “Fools Gold” rush.  Later, it became the location of five mills...