Nature Trails near Embrun, Ontario

Welcome to Embrun!

Embrun is a community in the Township of The Nation.

Borrowing its name from the river that meanders through it, The Nation is host to Calypso Park, the largest water park in Canada.The wave pool is the largest in the country! Its giant slides, its thematic river and its thrilling rides welcome thousands of visitors every season!

South Nation River is an excellent route for canoes and kayaks, as well as being a fertile fishing ground. The Nation’s charm lies in the Larose Forest and
its trails; its beauty will amaze you during both summer and winter.

The 2,500 kilometres of Ontario Snowmobile Club (OFSC) trails in Prescott-Russell link our many rural communities. Snowmobiling in Prescott- Russell also means forests, valleys and hills. Plan a week-long expedition!

Some of Ontario's best hiking trails and nature trails are near Embrun.

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New York Central Fitness Trail

Between 1898 and 1957, the New York Central Fitness Trail, was used as the main railway between Ottawa and New York. It was purchased in 1979 by the township and converted into the trail and bike path as we know it today. The trail is 10 km long and links the villages...

Pax Trail

Pax Trail is a beautiful walking trail with benches and a scenic view of the Castor River. Trail entrances are located at the end of Manitou Street, Larose Lane, Forest Lane and Maple Grove. Pax Trail is just one of the many nature trails and hiking trails you can...

Reveler Conservation Area

The diversity of unique habitat at Reveler Conservation Area is ideal for birds to rest, feed, and nest. The pond, open grassland, shrub cover, and mature deciduous forest provide great opportunities to observe many of the 109 bird species that Reveler supports. The...