Nature Trails near Cochrane, Ontario

Cochrane is one of the fastest growing municipalities in Northern Ontario. The moderate property taxes, cost of housing and rise in property prices continue to make Cochrane attractive to those relocating from other communities. Cochrane is fortunate to have some very attractive assets not typical of rural Northern Ontario, including the world renowned Polar Bear Habitat. That’s right, Cochrane has polar bears, real live ones and is currently the home of Ganuk and Henry. Over 12 000 people visited our bears last year, some even go to swim with the bears!

Some of Ontario's best hiking trails and nature trails are near Cochrane.

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Access to the Matheson Rotary Club Interpretive Trail is gained at the westerly end of MacDougall Street. The Trail stretches from MacDougall Street to Second Street down Monahan Road and along the railroad tracks back to MacDougall Street. The trail is approximately...