Nature Trails near Blind River, Ontario

Welcome to Blind River!

Established in 1906, Blind River is an outdoor recreation hotspot on Lake Huron's North Channel at the mouth of the Blind River and the Mighty Mississauga River. Explore the many opportunities for fishing, hunting, boating and water sports, or the full range of winter and summer festivals that have put Blind River on the map as one of the "Top 50 Ontario Festivals".

Some of Ontario's best hiking trails and nature trails are near Blind River.

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  Harbour Loop This Coastal Woodland area is the eastern most section of the Boom Camp site. The focus of the interpretation on this trail loop is significant timbering heritage and history of the area. The trail is 3.1KM, starting at the east pavilion and...


This is a section of the Voyageur Trail. The western end of this 45 kilometre section begins the Village of Iron Bridge and follows existing trailways and ridges overlooking numerous lakes north of the Blind River. The diversity of landscape and abundant access points...